How do you define a luxury watch? Is it Gold? Rolex would beg to differ—they didn’t start making gold watches until 1945. Is it a timepiece the rich and powerful desire? To an extent, sure, but how do you make something that the upper crust lust after for years to come? Is it precision, aesthetic, or exclusivity? That’s part of it, but there are many beautiful watches out there and your old Casio is nearly as reliable. Somehow, however, Rolex has always fit the bill. Despite the countless options, fabrications, styles, price points and ever-changing trends in the premium watch space, Rolex is still synonymous with luxury.

Rolex has weathered generations due to its ability to constantly redefine luxury, reshaping its brand and product to fit the with the evolving market. Operating under the ethos of “evolutionary not revolutionary,” Rolex evolves with the tastes of their upwardly mobile, business savvy base. To view the history of Rolex is to see that like beauty, luxury is in the eye of the beholder.

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