The mercurial Kanye West made the news last week, but instead of his political interests it was his sneaker comments that were actually the subject of these new headlines. West was a guest on Nick Cannon’s “Cannon’s Class” podcast and chatted about everything from being able to wear Jordans (he feels he should) to his adidas empire. As always, there were a few notable tidbits that stood out.

The clip that is most relevant, however, is when he discussed the polarizing Nike Roshe Run, which he claims was the inspiration for his Yeezy 350 model. He didn’t set out to copy the shoe per se, he merely wanted to obliterate it.

“When me and Virgil used to go and intern with Giuseppe Zanotti, and he was teaching us how to design shoes and everything, we would be in the airport and we saw this shoe by Nike called the Roshe,” he said. “I looked at that Roshe and I said, ‘I need to replace that shoe.’ And now when you go to the airport you definitely see 350s and you don’t really see the Roshe anymore.”

West’s admission isn’t exactly breaking news, especially considering the shoes’ similarities and his memorable exit from Nike. It makes sense that he wanted to take out one of its most popular models.

While the Yeezys certainly cater more to hypebeasts and sneakerheads, has the 350 replaced the Roshe in the eyes of the masses? Or, because of their respective price points, are they really even comparable?

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