Rappers receiving signature sneakers is nothing new. From Run-DMC donning adidas Superstars in the 1980s and Jay-Z’s landmark deal with Reebok to Kanye West’s battle with Nike, rappers have gradually taken over the sneaker game over the last 30 years—today they are arguably more important than signature athletes themselves. Between Kanye, Drake and Travis Scott, hip-hop’s crown royalty has an effective vice grip on the sneaker game.

Although you probably wouldn’t rank Eminem amongst the aforementioned sneaker cognoscenti, his footwear bonafides are no joke. While nowhere near the cultural force he once was, the best selling artists of the 2000s has a longstanding partnership with Jordan Brand, producing ultra-limited sneakers that count as some of the most sought after (and expensive) in modern footwear history. It’s precisely one of those hyper-exclusive sneakers that kicks off this week’s list.

Never forget: No online retailer has the same breadth and depth of selection as Grailed. From Eminem Jordans to Dunks from DJ AM’s personal collection (and everything in between), in no particular order, these are our picks for the Rarest Sneakers on Grailed This Week.

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