Following the tragic death of George Floyd, America is in the wake of a reckoning. Evolving into the greatest collective public outcry since the civil rights movement, people around the country are banding together and marching to bring attention to systemic racism plaguing police departments, the future of peacekeeping and criminal justice reform at large.

In large part aligned with the Black Lives Matter organization, these marches have grown exponentially, reaching beyond the U.S.' borders and spawning conversations and serious reflection across the globe. Suddenly—and finally—not only civilians, but governments, corporations and business leaders are firmly reassessing our economic landscape and the toll it takes on minorities who due to societal and historical factors lack both privilege and opportunity. Naturally, the fashion industry (itself rife with issues of racism and lack of representation), joined the conversation, however as expected was rather late and with a less than emphatic response. Many luxury brands issued the bare minimum “we stand with you statements” whereas others were entirely limited to a black box on social media. Other brands and industry leaders, however, actually transformed these sentiments into positive action. Whether through public pressure or genuine care, the following brands, stores and individuals showed that rather than simply “stand” with the movement, fashion can capitalize upon both its platform and consumer to contribute directly to the causes it has so long overlooked. The debt not only streetwear but the entire fashion business owes to Black culture is monumental.

The following leaders have not only acknowledged that fact, they are actively trying to pay it back. Fashion activism is more often than not pure lip service—Dior’s $860 “We Should All Be Feminists” T-shirt may be the worst example. These, however, are the brands that are doing it right.

Editor's Note: While some of these special items or releases may be available on Grailed, we encourage you to visit each of these brands' respective websites to support their efforts in the fight for racial justice directly. To learn more about what Grailed is doing at this time, read more here.

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