Summer is approaching, which means it’s time to take those vacation days out of the stash box and plan that trip to Miami or the Côte d’Azur if you got it like that. But while laying on a beach in Nice may take little to no effort, packing for that trip will require some a certain degree of discretion and finesse.

In my experience, packing for a 5-7 day vacation is difficult for three reasons: One, you’re away from home base and don’t have the luxury of dipping back to the crib after dinner to grab that black denim jacket and switch from sneakers to Chelsea boots before hitting the club. Two, you’re presumably exploring a new scene, so you don’t necessarily know what to expect in terms of the activities you might get into or the problematic weather conditions that might pop up. And, finally, packing fucking sucks because you own too much shit and most likely have some personal, unique (read: unrealistic) justification for bringing every single item in your closet. Taking a trip should help alleviate stress, not put more on you. So, in preparation for upcoming travel plans this summer, here’s how to keep the fits strong and avoid a complete mental breakdown in the process.

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