Needles designer Keizo Shimizu returns for Fall/Winter 2017 with a collection rooted in the brand’s eccentrically bohemian staples for a nonchalant take on Americana of the 1970's. This season’s lookbook is markedly void of the recently popular 5-stripe track pants, replacing them with psychedelic, suiting-inspired patterned track suits, velvet and flannel wide legged pants, and more luxurious takes on both activewear and casual tailoring. The collection also sees the return of the Arrow Jacket as a suiting set, alongside other notable reinventions including an argyle Mohair Cardigan, micro fleece bonded Piping Vest, Chimayo patterned outerwear, snakeskin Coach Jacket, Samue coat in a leopard print and high-end takes on the G-1 and A-2 leather flight jackets. Shimizu rounds out the collection with seasonal renditions of Needles’ eyewear, bandana scarves, Mary Jane shoes and asymmetric Ghillie sneakers, as well as some Cuban-heeled slipper options for the more adventurous consumer. While the overall impact of the lookbook may be a bit bold for some palates, those with an appreciation for the lasting qualities of Needles products should have no problem incorporating individual pieces into their wardrobe. Expect the collection to start dropping at Nepenthes shops in Japan and NY with a selection available at Needles stockists, and subsequently on Grailed, later this summer.

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