Although the COVID era disrupted the entire sports calendar indefinitely, there's a small silver lining when it comes to the NBA. The tunnel fit pic—which was getting a little stale, through thousands of iterations—was due for a hard reset.

The fit pic format became less of a personality vessel and more of an obligation (poor Alex Caruso strutted in a YSL hoodie against his will). Obligated to participate but untutored, some players defaulted into participating in an under-the-radar-but-not-really competition to see who could wear the most logos at once. Sadly, there was no mystery behind when players were (or were not) using stylists.

The hoopla became so all encompassing to the story around each game that a player walking into the arena in a Nike tech fleece suit became—dare I say—refreshing. Even still, I don’t want to live in that world. I don’t want to live in JJ Redick’s world. We just need to find the balance.

Quarantine is going to separate those who are really committed to the craft from those who were just chasing clout. Who relied on their stylist and professional photographer? Who needed a locker room full of woke teammates to steal brands from (shoutout OG Anunoby and Serge Ibaka)? Who doesn’t know how to take a mirror fit pic?

This brings me to the part I’m most excited about. It’s not just about the fit anymore, it’s about the whole fit pic. I’m talking creative direction, lighting, angles, backdrop—concepts. Here are the best seven fits during quarantine.

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