After an array of stark white, a rainbow of color and a yellow brick road a tad bit too on the nose, the final look in Virgil Abloh’s debut Spring/Summer 2019 Menswear collection was a shocking—but in hindsight, natural—departure. In a fully reflective metallic poncho, Playboi Carti strode out proud making a bold statement about both Abloh’s new position and exactly what goes down at the end of the metaphorical rainbow. Apart from bringing the show to its logical conclusion, Abloh touched on a trend permeating throughout menswear: space. While for Abloh—whose meteoric success and global recognition has made him a household name—exiting the atmosphere is the only conceivable place to go, for the rest of the industry, the final frontier may be a guiding light as a source of inspiration.

Given the dark overtones nearly omnipresent in modern media, the idea of leaving our earthly realm is promising—something reflected on both street and runway. This season, everyone from Raf Simons to Jun Takahashi explored products, materials and color combinations more often associated with Apollo 13 than ready-to-wear. Some went even as far as working with NASA itself. The running theme through all these instances though, is a form of escapism. When reality is far too grim, we inevitably reach for the stars.