”Need to Know" is a series spotlighting the brands that are gaining steam and breaking through the noise. Whether its an emerging brand or an established brand having a major moment in pop culture, we’re focusing on introducing, discussing and dissecting the brands shifting the men’s style space today.

When news first broke of a partnership between Gap and Yeezy, people were predictably curious. What did this mean for Yeezy? What did this mean for Kanye West? What about his partnership with adidas? Would this pay dividends for Gap? How did this even come about? The conversation goes on.

After the initial wave of curiosity passed, attention turned to Mowalola Ogunlesi, the 25-year-old Nigerian-British designer West had chosen as design director for the collaborative endeavor. It was an announcement that brought new attention to Ogunlesi and her eponymous brand, Mowalola, as evidenced by the 10-fold increase in Google searches on June 26th.

There’s no denying that being co-signed by the likes of Kanye West—and being the design director for what’s sure to be a much-talked about project—will translate into more interest for Mowalola.

But there’s a reason that Ogunlesi was tapped by West in the first place. While many may have Googled her name in earnest on June 26th—unsure of who the young designer was—those within the fashion industry itself were already familiar with Mowalola.

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