”Most In-Demand” is a weekly series documenting the top 10 most favorited listings sold on Grailed over the past seven days.

With the latest news of his forthcoming Netflix debut, it comes as no surprise that Scott Kid Cudi Mescudi would be trending on Grailed. The complicated musical (and, some might say, cultural) figure has been a stranger to the zeitgeist for the last few years, but has recently recovered relevance—thanks in part to the equally influential (and now highly controversial) Kanye West.

With this reemergence has come a newfound appreciation for the artist's style evolution, starting with his BAPE enthusiasm and Kayne West influence in the early-2000s.

This week, a piece from Mescudi's 2019 collaboration with Cactus Plant Flea Market was one of the most-favorited pieces on Grailed. Kid Cudi and Cactus Plant Flea Market dropped a capsule collection of merch at Coachella in celebration of 4/20. The "Swim in the Light" hoodie is featured in this week's list, alongside vintage knits and noteworthy Raf Simons sweater styles; if nothing, it's a signal that sweater weather is officially upon us.

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