”Most In-Demand” is a weekly series documenting the top 10 most favorited listings sold on Grailed over the past seven days.

This week's most in-demand listing comes from Spider Worldwide. Unfamiliar? Here's the gist: Young Thug released a limited-run line of jackets, hoodies and sweats, after consistently teasing the project to fans and media alike. The debut collection featured a denim jacket, which retailed for $900 upon release. Today, the jacket is on Grailed for $10,000. Looks like a lot of you are coveting the piece, but, the question is, who will shell out the cash?

Perhaps the item with the best backstory is the Crocodile Garments vintage crewneck. If you Google the brand, you might mistake the label for prepster favorite and Wes Anderson collaborator, Lacoste. The gator logo is curiously similar. Lacoste thought so too. In 2003, Lacoste initiated a legal dispute with the Hong Kong sportswear company, contesting the logo similarity. Crocodile tweaked their logo slightly to comply with the case verdict, but still maintains a version of the alligator mascot. The sweatshirt from the brand on the list this week is estimated to be from the '90s, meaning the logo had not yet transformed. Cop the crewneck and you'll cop a piece of history.

The rest of the list is a constellation of Grailed's greatest hits, from a Rick Owens leather jacket to Undercover x Converse "Scab" Sneakers. Scroll to check out the pieces most-favorited by the community this week.

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