”Most In-Demand” is a weekly series documenting the top 10 most favorited listings sold on Grailed over the past seven days.

If Most Expensive reflects the aspirational, investment-worthy side of Grailed, Most In-Demand reflects the fast-moving pop culture defining the marketplace week-by-week. With this in mind, one way to interpret this list is to view each item as a symbol of a broader trend in the community's present taste. Through this lens, a vintage flannel is not just a relic from the '90s, but a resurgence in the decade's style, likely blessed by Travis Scott or referenced by Virgil Abloh. If anything, vintage in general is primed to make its way onto Most In-Demand, for its price accessibility and unique and nostalgic one-of-a-kind quality.

Of course, there are trends in the marketplace that seem to never die. Take the sacred styles of Raf Simons, for instance. This week's list features a T-shirt from the Spring/Summer 2000 collection, which has been adored by the Grailed community from the moment of its release at the dawn of the twenty-first century. Irreverent pieces with a healthy dose of shock value are another example of an enduring trend on Grailed, as evidenced by the tasteful Number (N)ine T-shirt in this week's top ten. (We'll let you scroll to see for yourself.)

However you slice it, it's undeniable that the marketplace holds a mirror to the desires of enthusiasts of all types, reflecting a broad range of what's considered cop-worthy. Read on to meet the pieces topping the charts this week.

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