"Most Expensive" is a recurring franchise documenting the top 10 most expensive listings sold on Grailed over the past month.

Chrome Hearts-customized Levi's have become weekly entrants in our Most Expensive lists over the last few months—and some have even been more interesting one-off orders—but none quite like the pair that takes our top spot this week. Unlike most pairs of patchwork cross denim we're used to seeing, this custom commission from 2007 features suede black patches running down most of the outer seams and accented by pink crosses at the hems. Black and pink cross patchwork is also found at the back left pocket, and the pants are fully outfit with the brand's signature .925 sterling silver hardware.

Two pieces from Raf Simons' catalog also join our list this week. The Belgian designer's recent Archive Redux offering saw some of Simons' most highly-coveted items reissued, like this pair of iconic Spring/Summer 2003 "Consumed" bondage cargo pants that come in at number six. Bondage detailing and military inspiration could be found throughout the designer's runway show in 2003, and these pants have been redone to all of the original specs.

Speaking of original, rounding out our list is an original multi-pocket work jacket from Simons' Fall/Winter 2004 "Waves" collection. Waves is not mentioned as often when it comes to Simons' best collections, but that's due to Simons' characteristically great Fall/Winter 2004 work being overshadowed by the historically significant shows that surrounded it. An array of cargo pockets cover the bottom half of the jacket's front, and the piece fits in seamlessly with the current workwear trend.

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