"Most Expensive" is a recurring franchise documenting the top 10 most expensive listings sold on Grailed over the past week.

Following Supreme's seasonal box logo drop, which saw the brand overlay two Box Logos in a cross pattern on hoodies and T-shirts, some users jumped on Grailed to instead look back in the skate brand's archive. The teal box logo from 2009, which garnered further attention after Tyler the Creator was seen rocking it years ago, joins our list this week at number six.

The Bogo comes in just below a trio of items from Chrome Hearts, whose immense popularity hasn't seemed to wane all year. Two iterations of Chrome Hearts cross patchwork jeans take second and third on our list, while a pair of Rick Owens "Minimal" Dunks—a model from Owens' Spring/Summer 2007 "Wishbone" collection that does not feature the infamous "Swoosh"—comes in at number five, complete with Chrome Hearts' signature .925 silver customizations.

Taking the top spot this week is an ultra-rare Mastermind Japan hoodie featuring a cashmere goat fur exterior, silk lining, cashmere ribbing, and Swarovski-encrusted drawstrings to top it all off. The hoodie was a limited piece from the brand's Fall/Winter 2017 collection—its first full collection in five years—and retailed at a staggering $40,000. We're not sure who was copping off the rack with that price tag, but the hoodie's sale price on Grailed underscores the kind of deals you can find in the marketplace for even the most exclusive items.

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