"Most Expensive" is a weekly franchise documenting the top 10 most expensive listings sold on Grailed over the past seven days.

They're back. Chrome Hearts is number one and number two this week, with a pair of souped-up vintage Levi's and a pair of black cargos. Both feature the brand's unmistakable cross signature and remind us that no matter how you feel about this polarizing label (and its Ed Hardy vibes), its impressive resale value is undeniable.

The rest of the list is rounded out with a few usual suspects, from the archive (the classic CCP fencing jacket re-emerges), the street (Kanye West's work also made a double appearance this week) and the runway (Heidi Slimane's Saint Laurent leather jacket from 2013 is still selling like hotcakes).

Explore all of our top sales below.

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