"Most Expensive" is a weekly franchise documenting the top 10 most expensive listings sold on Grailed over the past seven days.

Folks, here it is. By a handsome margin, once again Raf Simons has claimed his rightful place atop the Most Expensive hall of fame, with yet another bomber that very likely will be sale of the year—and certainly is thus far. At $30,025, the Raf Simons "Riot, Riot, Riot" bomber is roughly 10 times more expensive than the rest of the list. Interestingly enough, the last time we sold one of these bombers in 2019, it went for an astonishing $17,000 more, our highest sale of all time. There are numerous factors into why these sell for the price they do—rarity, condition, perceived value and so forth—so it's impossible to say exactly they are really worth. All we know is that the Fall/Winter 2001 "Riot, Riot, Riot" collection is not only heralded as the designer's magnum opus, but is arguably the most important menswear collection of the 21st century. For collectors, the rarer green camo version—as opposed to the more common black/grey bomber from the same season—is not just a jacket, but a piece of fashion history. Of course, it helps that both Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian famously wore lauded collector David Casavant's bomber, which helped reintroduce archive Raf Simons to culture at large, but for serious archivists, this was already and always will be an all-time grail. Though the rest of the list pales in comparison, other interesting pieces from Saint Laurent Paris, Visvim and rare Travis Scott x Nike SB Friends & Family dunks round out the week.

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