"Most Expensive" is a weekly franchise documenting the top 10 most expensive listings sold on Grailed over the past seven days.

After weeks in the running, Carol Christian Poell finally takes the "most expensive" throne. For those unaware of the avant-garde darling, the notoriously mysterious label operates under an entirely distinct paradigm. Lacking any semblance of a fashion calendar and barely adhering to traditional collections, the label regularly takes seasons off and only releases product according to the eponymous designers fleeting whims. The win is not just a first for the label, but for the category in general, the only non-luxury fashion house to claim the "most expensive" crown—a feat fitting the Austrian master. As for the rest of the list, they are back. After weeks missing from the list entirely, the they in question—Chrome Hearts jeans—are once again in our top ten sales, and considering how they continue to move in drones we feel they are here to stay. Apart from that, rare archive Raf Simons and a Goyard duffle bag round out this week's list. And, of course, more Saint Laurent Paris.

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