You’d be forgiven for thinking a brand named MИP hails from Russia. The word, which broadly means “peace”—but can also be translated to mean “universe,” “world” or “truce” based on the context—is the official name of an up-and-coming French label with ties to the worlds of both street art and tattoos.

The project of two Paris-based designers, the duo’s collections (or “Sessions”, as MИP calls them) are centered on what the brand defines as an, “insightful yet disruptive approach to the notion of subculture, past and present.” Whether that’s involving tattoos, international criminal culture or simple artistic expression, MИP’s two founders pride themselves on their search to exhibit authenticity—not to mention their own involvement with the communities they’re spotlighting.

For its first “Session” MИP has zeroed-in on tattoos, and specifically, the work of Louis Loveless. Loveless also serves as the face of the new release. The collection fuses Loveless’ aesthetic style—one that glitches and distorts traditional symbols like skulls, statues and death vis-a-vis the Grim Reaper—with the insular, hidden language of Russian prison tattoos. With each piece emblazoned with a replica of one of Loveless’ works, the hope is that the garments are worn as a lived-in second layer—not unlike carrying one of Loveless’ works on the surface of your own skin.

With each Session changing prints and concepts season after season, MИP’s releases are limited-release opportunities. While you can grab its unique product at equally intriguing locations—a combination of select tattoo parlors and Parisian corner stores—those outside of Paris can also secure the entirety of Session 1 at the brand’s webshop.

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