Spanning the groundbreaking work of Helmut Lang in the early 90’s and the halcyon days of Decarnin at Balmain, to the faithful reproductions of Nigel Cabourn and the futuristic tech wear of Acronym, designers have long been mining military uniforms and influences for inspiration. Constructed for optimal utility, mobility, camouflage, and protection, the silhouettes and fabrications that were once pioneered for our armed forces have become mainstays on both the streets and runways in today’s fashion landscape. While many brands continue to churn out camo everything and ho-hum basic versions of styles like the MA-1 bomber jacket, fishtail parka, field coat, and cargo pants, the best designers have elevated these styles into certifiable bangers. Peep our list of styles at all ends of the price spectrum available on Grailed, come up on some military inspired gems and gear up for the spring.

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