Hats are strangely divisive. Some people wear them on a daily basis, others could never be bothered. That said, whether your hairline is quickly receding or your hair is your strongest feature, it never hurts to have a solid arsenal of caps to keep the sun off your face and your locks in place.

Unfortunately, that snapback you wore in middle school will no longer cut it. Hat styles, like most clothing, are rooted in style tribes; in order to comfortably pull off nearly anything you should lean towards that which you subscribe to. If you’re a hardcore streetwear fiend, perhaps step back from the wide brim fedora, same goes for the felt five-panel if you are prone to the avant-garde. Or, throw out all the rules and wear a beret, it really is up to you. Whether you’re hiking, headed to work or even cleaning yourself up for a work-related Zoom call during COVID-19 quarantine, a hat is the perfect way to keep a low profile.

Rather than simply provide a list of classic ball caps, we compiled hats across style strata and price point, to show you the wide breadth of options. Of course, if you want our advice, a classic Yankees fitted never goes out of style—as New Yorkers, we can’t help our bias—but if that’s not your speed, then look below at the best hats for men right now.

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