In the wide world of fashion, even we can admit it’s hard to pin down what’s popping. Of course, great style isn’t tied to trends, but what if you’re looking to upgrade, elevate or try something new? This is where Trendspotter comes in. From emerging trends to styles to try, we’re picking out one new (or, in some cases, vintage) vibe that our team thinks is worth trying out. After scouring runways and retailers, searching social media and street style, this is one trend you should consider adding to your wardrobe this week.

The Vibe: Shorter Shorts

What Are the Best Brands?:
$: Patagonia, Nike
$$: Ami, Stone Island
$$$ Prada, Fendi, Thom Browne

We get it. You’re already rolling your eyes. But hear us out for a second. As the temperatures rise, you’re probably already reaching for a pair of shorts at this very moment. But have you considered going… well, shorter?

A vintage-style through and through, it doesn’t take long to find retro photos—especially in basketball—of Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and even early-in-his-career Michael Jordan rocking short inseam shorts. While Jordan ultimately sparked a league-wide trend to extend the length of shorts by the end of the 1980s, that doesn’t mean the style went into retirement.

Outside of athletics, the high rise look persisted under the general banner of “Bermuda Shorts”, named after the shorts British military officers wore while working in the hot climes of places like, naturally, Bermuda. Worn, traditionally with a blazer, button-up shirt and tie, this style has been carried on for several seasons through the work of Thom Browne. Today, the trend has returned to the runway, seen prominently in the Spring/Summer 2019 collections of Ami, Fendi and Prada (though even we can admit that Prada’s roughly two-inch inseams might be a touch too bold for most men).

Even though we believe everything ultimately trickles down from the runway, there’s no denying this trend lives and dies on the street. Thanks to brands like Stussy and Patagonia—whose five-inch Baggies shorts serve as the most commonly seen example of this style—the shorter short isn’t a long way off. Look to style icons like Donald Glover or Jeff Goldblum to see how you can pull this look off.

Styling Tip:
We understand that this isn’t for every guy. If you’re willing to take the plunge, try picking up shorts with an inseam hovering around five to 6 inches long. When in doubt, aim to keep a distance of about two to three finger widths between your knee and the bottom of your shorts.

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