For those of you who haven't kept track, if there was one trend that defined menswear over the last decade it was simple: streetwear went mainstream. This is by no means a controversial statement. The sub-genre rooted in skate, surf and hip-hop culture permeated every facet of menswear, starting with transforming hoodies, t-shirts and sneakers into a luxury commodity and culminating with Supreme collaborating with Louis Vuitton—a now legendary moment where two tentpoles of their respective sectors came together to break the last brick dividing streetwear and luxury men's fashion. In a recent interview, however, one of the faces of the streetwear-cum-high-fashion movement, Off-White designer Virgil Abloh, postulated that the driving force force of modern men's fashion would soon die, giving way to a new form of men's clothing. We are not so sure—the way we see it, streetwear is not going anywhere. Rather, it will adapt and, if anything, grow up.

Tailoring in the traditional sense will not come back any time soon. Without a workplace culture that demands it, men—outside of finance—will simply not start wearing suits again. That said, the hoodie, jean and sneakers look does feel a bit dated. A dressier wardrobe is coming, but perhaps not in the way you would think. If you paid attention to our end of year analysis, many of the fastest growing brands certainly are streetwear adjacent, however not in the traditional sense. Rather, brands that hold a similar ethos and while aesthetically related feel unique and niche all experienced aggressive growth. As men once again strive towards individuality, style tribes will emerge and people will begin to skew towards one lane over another. The head-to-toe streetwear look may die, but in its place will be a new wardrobe defined by personal sensibilities and lifestyle rather than what's currently trending on the Instagram explore page. Each brand below does just that, providing a collection that while rooted or related in streetwear accomplishes something entirely different, with a very specific intended audience. Next year, niche will win out. Here are the five labels who for better or worse will define how men dress not only in 2020, but in the decade to come.

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