We started our upcycled cotton program with our Fall/Winter 2017 collection. ALYX Visual is a succinct collection of garments made exclusively with upcycled cotton-rich yarn from pre-loved clothing and textile remnants. The collections include a variety of jersey pieces with an intent to use creative refuse to reduce waste, while still providing high quality garments.

We work with RecoverTex, an upcycled textile system that is almost entirely waterless and chemical free. The process regenerates cotton fiber from recycled garments and reclaimed plastic bottles to produce cotton yarn for new fabrication.

We will use Econyl for many of our nylon pieces starting Fall/Winter 2019. Econyl takes nylon waste from landfills and the ocean to create clean, new material.

We just want to do our part to decrease our carbon footprint and produce less waste in the world, as this is of extreme importance. We want to spread awareness now through this idea and our Visual collections, in hopes that other clothing brands will follow suit. Moving forward, more than half of the materials we use will be upcycled, recycled or sustainable.

Learn more about RecoverTex here.

Learn more about Econyl here.

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