The best fashion designers are able to navigate the crowded industry with no gimmicks, who rely only on the ability to distill their vision into well-crafted garments that do the talking instead of themselves. There may be no better modern example than Dries Van Noten.

One of fashion’s most revered names and a member of the iconic Antwerp Six, the Belgian fashion collective that famously made a name for itself in the '80s, Van Noten has been a long-standing icon within fashion. Since he showed his first menswear collection in 1986, he’s been a constant, almost steadying influence on the industry and he’s done so all on his own.

In an era defined by revolving doors at the biggest fashion houses, hyper-trendiness and the instant satisfaction of social media, Van Noten's brand remains independent and his clothes refined. The recipient of numerous awards, designer of choice for many red carpet celebrities and one of the most cerebral designers of our time, Van Noten has ebbed and flowed his way to success for decades and that is only just the beginning.

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