Little Sister New York is back with its second event of the year, following its Number (N)ine sale back in March. With this momentum, the New York-based menswear archivists, composed of Scott Santiago and Julian Fetterman, have added Sam Barback to the team. The three have continued to pursue Little Sister’s original mission of collecting coveted pieces and educating its audience on the history of the Japanese brands the team loves. In this latest event, the group is exhibiting and selling 100 of its favorite Undercover items exclusively with Grailed.

The event, entitled “Rebel Clothes”, is borrowed from one of Jun Takahashi’s central mantras for Undercover. Known for his punk-inspired designs, Takahashi has used rebellious themes to pay homage to the artists he admires and to portray his perspective on world events. The underrated label, which has created a cult-like following over the past three decades, has transcended the path of similar streetwear brands to become one of the most unique and mysterious brands in production today.

We talked with the trio to learn a bit more about the collection they’ve assembled and find out which items and seasons they love the most.