Little Sister New York is an experimental menswear conglomerate composed of Julian Fetterman and Scott Santiago, who you probably better know as Grailed’s curation manager. Combined, the two have over 15 years of buying and selling experience with brands from around the world, building a robust archive in the process. In the duo’s debut sale with Grailed, they offer over 99 items by Takahiro Miyashita’s Number (N)ine.

The sale, named after Miyashita’s final collection with Number (N)ine, "A Closed Feeling," encompasses an extensive collection of clothing by the designer curated by two fans who deeply understand and appreciate Miyashita’s body of work. Sticking with the mantra of letting go, the sale pays tribute to the legendary designer’s finale. To coincide with Grailed’s continued mission to educate fashion enthusiasts everywhere, we sat down with the Little Sister pair to discover how they got into fashion, how they found each other and how they’re digging deeper into the mind of Miyashita to uncover the meanings and references behind some of the designer’s most iconic items.