When it comes to outfitting those in communities around the country, Levi’s is more than just a name on a back-to-school shopping list. As one of the largest and most-respected denim labels on Earth, Levi’s isn't a brand that can simply be reduced to a pair of classic 501s resting on the shelf of your local denim distributor. From studying renewable and sustainable production methods for the environment to the social justice initiatives championed by the Levi Strauss Foundation, the brand is committed to a variety of causes and charities whose benefits extend far beyond producing its legendary blue jeans. Case in point, Levi’s latest endeavor in conjunction with the Harmony Project, Mark McNairy and Anthony Specter.

Inspired by both the Harmony Project’s revolutionary work, along with Levi’s own commitment to charity and service, Grailed has teamed up with Levi’s to source some incredibly impressive jeans and denim jackets—with proceeds from the auction going towards the Levi’s initiative with the Harmony Project.

Keeping in mind Grailed’s focus on rare, one-of-a-kind garments, we’re offering up some unique denim sourced from and customized by some of the biggest celebrities in the game today, including, but not limited to: John Mayer, Mark Wahlberg, Billy Bob Thornton and Snoop Dogg.

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