Stylish actors usually fall into one of two categories. First, there are the established wardrobe gods—Jonah Hill, Ryan Gosling and so forth—whose personal charisma, decades long careers, and numerous red carpet appearances have all paid dividends. Then, there and the young up-and-comers, whose fresh approach, rising talent and unexpected wardrobe choices (think Timothée Chalamet and his loyal allegiance to Haider Ackermann or Harry Styles and Gucci), make us reconsider how to dress entirely. Jeff Goldblum, however, falls into neither category.

At 68, and with over five decades in the film industry, Goldblum is by no means new to the business. Yet, despite starring in some of the highest grossing films of the ’80s and ’90s, the man was never known for his sense of style—in fact, in many ways he was derided for a lack thereof. Yet, over the last four years, the Hollywood star not only reclaimed his top tier status, but burst on to the fashion scene with a wardrobe and aesthetic all his own. Avoiding cliché dad tropes, Goldblum showed that—regardless of age—all it takes to dress well is confidence, taking risks and, oh, a great stylist.

Goldblum’s emergence as one of Hollywood’s latest and most unexpected style heroes began in 2016, following the release of Independence Day: Resurgence. The highly anticipated (if somewhat lackluster) sequel to the ’90s blockbuster failed to generate the sort of revenue the studio expected, but after hitting the red carpet in an all black shawl collar Saint Laurent Paris tuxedo with matching black shirt, tie and shoes, Golblum’s star power was back in full force. Continuing on the press tour, Goldblum swapped out the blazer for a leather Perfecto-style jacket; after seeing the star in various other Saint Laurent and Gucci wares, the fashion press (and even casual observers) quickly realized that this was a new sort of Goldblum.

In reality, the transformation began in 2014, when Goldblum met celebrity stylist Andrew T. Vottero on a photoshoot. Immediately impressed by his taste level, Goldblum began working then Vottero full time, consulting with him on everything from red carpet appearances to his daily rotation. Soon enough, the slim Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane was not just reserved for the red carpet, but part of Goldblum’s personal wardrobe.

Over the last few years, the Goldblum comeback proceeded swiftly, with appearances ranging from Thor: Ragnarok to reprising his role in a rebooted Jurassic Park series. With each premiere and press run came even wilder wardrobe choices, ranging from velvet suits and white jeans to full runway looks from Raf Simons’ short-lived Calvin Klein 205W39NYC line.

While each look was more daring than the next, none stuck out quite like Goldblum’s collection of Prada camp collars. One of the earliest adopters of the split flame and Christophe Chemin redux shirts, Goldblum was the purposefully “ugly” short sleeve button-up’s most vocal fan. For months, Goldblum rarely left the house without donning one of Miuccia Prada’s signature color clashing, oversized graphic bearing camp collars—so much so that now his style and the garment are irrevocably linked. In a landscape where many older men attempted to shift back towards ’90s minimalism, Goldblum did the opposite and, surprisingly, it worked.

Stylist aside, there are a number of reasons for Goldblum's maximalist, bombastic and, at times, admittedly tacky style works. Of course, there’s his self-assuredness, but more than that his perfectly quaffed salt and pepper hairdo and waifish frame allow the man to take risks none of us would dare. Add to that thick-rimmed Jacques Marie Mage glasses that frame his face and, despite his ever rotating wardrobe, never change, and you have a solid anchor that helps normalize even the most ridiculous outfits. By working with his build and adding a permanent accessory, Goldblum’s outfits feel natural, no matter what he is actually wearing. While Goldblum’s hot streak may turn out short-lived, as of now, it’s working. In a time when Hollywood actors increasingly dress the same, Goldblum is an inspiration to not only men his age but, well, everyone.

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