After weeks of teasing his fans with the hashtag #newjob all over his social media, Simon Porte Jacquemus lead many to believe he was off to one of the legendary fashion houses (perhaps the biggest, most desired destination for Jacquemus was at the head of Céline—a post that went to another notable designer). The rumors finally ceased when he walked out at the end of his Fall/Winter 2018 show wearing a sweatshirt that read “New Job L’Homme Jacquemus”.

In an interview with Vogue, Jacquemus talked about the rumors surrounding his #newjob, his decision to start a menswear line and some of the mental adjustments he's made after making women’s clothing for so long. “There were a lot of rumors, that I was going to Céline, that I was going to Versace...Everyone thought I was going to another house but I’m staying at my own,” Jacquemus explained. “You can have a new job even if it’s at your own house.”

According to Vogue, this new line will emerge at some point in the middle of this year, however details surrounding the presentation and the clothing remain fuzzy (at least for the time being). That said, he did open up about the designer he’s evolved into, and the man he’s looking to design for.

“It was so weird to do a fitting with a male model,” Jacquemus explained to Vogue. “I usually drape the clothes directly onto the girl, but this was I am learning something new. I don’t want to do the men’s exactly like the women’s. Everything comes from the heart with me, so I am going to discover myself as I design it. My woman was very naive when I started, and she became more sophisticated with time. The men’s is going to be same. It’ll be serious, even if I am not!”

Considering that Simon Porte Jacquemus is one of our favorite womenswear designers (we’ve made no secret of the fact that we’d love a menswear collection from the Parisian creative director), we’re impatiently waiting for Jacquemus’ first-ever menswear collection.

Stay tuned in to Dry Clean Only for the first glimpses of the collection coming later this year.

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