The Grailed Team recently took a trip up to Toronto to meet the fashion community, see the best menswear shops, and throw an event where we had the chance to meet our users from the area. While there we linked up with the tech god himself, Bryan Chang aka Brycity, to talk about all that his city has to offer.

Name: Bryan Chang

Occupation: User Experience Designer

Favorite shop in Toronto: Pacific Mall

Favorite restaurant in Toronto: Bar Raval, Bar Isabel, Black Hoof, Kingyo Izakaya, Sansotei Ramen, Porchetta and Co., Cho Sun Ok, Enoteca Sociale, Gong Cha, Presotea, The Alley, Bang Bang Ice Cream, Kekou Gelato, Tsujiri

How did you get into fashion: Nike SB Dunks

How would you describe your personal style: Roasted oolong with tapioca, 30% sugar, less ice

Current favorite piece(s) in your closet: Uniqlo Airism

How long have you been using Grailed: Since launch

Favorite brands: Meiji, Vitasoy

Ultimate grail: +rep

How do you view Toronto's fashion scene compared to what you've seen elsewhere, specifically in NYC?

It's harder to find something that might catch my eye in Toronto as opposed to bigger cities with flagship stores like NYC, HK and Tokyo. Also, I think the scene is small but there's a big overlap with people doing creative work in photo and video. Toronto has a lot of people trying to push the city forward and I think that's great.

What direction do you see Toronto's fashion scene heading? Are more and more people you know getting into clothing?

It seems so, but I find the people are getting into it more because of the internet and less about a local scene developing.

What do you love most about clothing and fashion?

I just like checking out clothing as product. I try not to get too caught up in fashion and trends.

What do you love most about Toronto?

I like the multiculturalism and the food that comes with it. There aren't many cities in the world that can compete with Toronto in this aspect.

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