"In Medias Res" is a column in which photographer Chris Fenimore links up with some of New York City's most interesting people to see what they're wearing throughout the week.

Name: Vell Beck

Age: 25

Occupation: Creator

Neighborhood: Harlem, New York

Favorite shop in New York City: DSMNY by far.

Favorite restaurant in New York City: Lovely Day in SoHo.

How did you get into fashion: I started in 2009. After leaving high school I went to college for producing, but I was spending most of my time and money on clothes. After changing my major a bunch of times and taking some classes at FIT and other colleges, I left to continue my progression with design through social media.

How would you describe your personal style: I just wear what I like no matter the brand, etc. The man makes the clothes.

Current favorite piece(s) in your closet: CHAPTER 5 Vans, black Helmut Lang denim jacket, Celine frames.

How long have you been using Grailed: A couple of years now. I remember when I found out about it I knew it would blow up once people caught on.

Most memorable Grailed come up: I bought some 09 runway Raf Simon sneakers from London before he started working with Adidas. They looked similar to Asics.

Favorite fashion designers: I would have to say Alessandro Michele is my current favorite. I loved Hidehiko Yamane's work with Evisu in the '90s. It always changes for me, I don't have one favorite. Besides, I wear mostly the clothes my friends make: Evbravdo, Rye Decker, Alexander Digenova and more.

Ultimate grail: The only thing I need is those Raf Simons x Vans x Colette x Comme des Garçons limited edition slip-ons.

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