"In Medias Res" is a column in which photographer Chris Fenimore links up with some of fashion's most interesting people to see what they're wearing throughout the week.

How old are you and where do you currently work?

I just turned 30 on May 8 this year and I work full time as a solutions specialist at a company called Evizone. We are a secure communications system which provide solutions for governance and retention in the financial and legal sectors.

How differently do you dress during the week for week? Is there a disconnect between what you wear to work and what you wear on the weekends?

The company is a startup so for my day-to-day work I can usually rock a pair of Geobaskets at the office. If we have a consultation or a trade show its usually your standard suit-and-tie kind of environment. I think that there is a bit of a disconnect with what I wear at work and how I dress on the weekend. The dudes I work with are a little more old school, so I make sure I’m more on the normcore side and not wearing combat vests and crazy layers in case one of their contacts come in.

Where did you grow up? Where do you currently live?

I grew up in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and after University I made this a somewhat permanent home. I currently live in the Old Port of the city. It's a trendy sought after part of town. Lots of shops and cafes—if you haven’t visited Montreal I strongly suggest you check the area out-it's a lot of fun. Montreal was a cool place to grow up; the city’s primary language is French, so you have a lot of that Euro flavor going on. There’s definitely a style and scene out there.

How did you get into fashion? What influences your style?

In high school I got into the emo and punk music scene, so following bands and shows influenced how I wanted to dress. I think my style has evolved since I was 14, but I definitely know that that part of my life still holds some significance for me with respect to how I dress. They were really the first guys to rock the ripped jeans and long tees, so when I discovered Rick Owens it was a more or less an easy transition for me to make. Rick, for me, always had these darker tones and I think that as I grew up I liked that I could keep that look and bring it to a more mature adult way of dressing.

Have you always been into Rick Owens? How many pieces would you say you own?

For the last eight to 10 years I would say I’ve been collecting Rick—so since I was like 20 to 21-ish. I think Rick Owens has really been definitive of my adult style for sure. I currently own about 28 pairs of Rick Owens shoes ranging from 2009 Mohawk Dunks to the new Hood Rubber sole hiking boot that was just released. If I include jackets, shirts and pants I might own somewhere in the 50 to 60 individual piece-range. I always tell myself I don't need any more, then someone drops some crazy new joint and I’m surfing through Grailed to find it at the best price.

What's your favorite place to shop in NYC and why? How about in Montreal?

I mean the Rick Owens store is obviously a mecca for me. Whenever I get into New York I try to stop by there and check out what they have going on. I also really like Patron of the New; those guys are cool. Grailed is obviously a favorite spot too, it’s just a toss-up as to whether you consider it a store or an office with the craziest gear stocked up. As for Montreal, there’s pretty much just Ssense here. It just opened its new store—which is dope—but I really think the reason I turned to Grailed back in the day was due to the lack of designer outlets and shops we have. Most of the consumer market is low to mid-tier brands and the higher-end stuff you really need to go to e-comm for.

I heard you’re looking to move to New York. Why is that?

Yeah, for work! There’s a lot going on in the security space right now in New York; new retention legislation has been passed so there is a lot of potential business for us in the United States as opposed to Canada. Our company feels that New York is the biggest hub so we should try seeing how we do here. I’m pretty stoked because I love the city.

What's a typical weekend look like for you?

A few of my buddies own bars out in Montreal so when I’m home I’ll usually try and catch up with them for a drink, otherwise I like to kick it with my dog Bam Bam and try and shoot content for Instagram in advance so I’m not scrambling later in the week for content. In my old age I’ve mellowed out.

How long have you been using Grailed?

I remember using Grailed when there were no fees and you couldn't change your password if you forgot it. I’ve been a fan since close to the beginning. I loved that the site was curated to finding cool pieces from great designers that were no longer in season.

What's your most memorable Grailed come-up?

I think the most memorable piece I’ve picked up on the site are the Rick Owens Mohawk Dunks I own. Being a Rick head, they’re a must in a collection and I’m super pumped I got my hands on them at a reasonable price.

What's your ultimate grail?

Right now my ultimate grail would probably be last season's [Rick Owens] Lego sole boots. I slept on them and now I’m on a hunt to find those.

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