"In Medias Res" is a column in which photographer Chris Fenimore links up with some of fashion's most interesting people to see what they're wearing throughout the week.

Name: Isaac Larose

Age: 31

Occupation: Larose Paris co-owner, Bowling Champ and Backpacker

Neighborhood: Mile End, Montreal

Favorite shop(s) in Montreal: Michel Brisson and SSENSE

Favorite restaurant(s) in Montreal: Kazu, R.I.P. Tripes and Caviar

How did you get into fashion: Getting lost in Tumblr...sadly.

How would you describe your personal style: Tourist

Current favorite piece(s) in your closet: Crocs and Colin Meredith hoodie

How long have you been using Grailed: 3 years ago

Most memorable Grailed come up: Undercover ambivalence 1999-2000 shoes.

Favorite fashion designers: Takahiro Miyashita The Soloist, Dries Van Notten, Jun Takahashi and I really like what Bed JW Ford are doing at the moment.

Ultimate grail(s): Undercover Ethnic Ride messenger bag, Undercover Martyr Gore-tex and Soloist salamander bracelet.

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