"In Medias Res" is a column in which photographer Chris Fenimore links up with some of fashion's most interesting people to see what they're wearing throughout the week.

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How old are you? Where did you grow up and where do you currently live?

I am 25. Houston, Texas. Los Angeles, California.

Why did you make the decision to move?

I moved to LA directly out of college to start Marcel Everette.

How and when did your interest in fashion begin? How your taste evolved or changed?

I grew up in a household that had an appreciation for fashion, but the way I felt about it quickly expanded past the limits of consuming it. I started to sketch many years before my brand manifested. My taste has evolved with me, but there are a number of things I look for in a garment and those requirements have remained no matter how my style has evolved.

I assume the road to building Marcel Everette hasn’t been easy. Why did you decide to start your own brand?

I found myself disinterested in a lot of the brands I was seeing. I knew what I wanted to wear but I wasn’t finding it, so I decided to make it myself. Shortly after starting the brand I realized this was my way to communicate what I felt was missing from our industry currently, and also a way to manifest my internal dialogue artistically.

I think a lot of people want to start a brand, but have no idea how to, or perhaps even how to design. I blame it on Instagram and how popular fashion has become. But on the other hand there are also tons of people with real design talent toiling away for someone else. Do you have any advice you can relay to people looking to start their own brand?

Stay true to yourself. Don’t listen to those that tell you that something is too difficult or too intricate. There is always a way. Listen and observe more. Let your work speak for itself.

Fashion is in a pretty wild place right now. We’ve never had this many brands, or perspectives, or even price points. Where do you think your brand sits in relation to everything going on?

As most designers, I’d hope that my brand doesn’t nestle comfortably into any category or preexisting mold. I’m exposed to new brands daily and I have yet to see anything similar. The brand has been labeled avant-garde in nature and I have seen other expressions by way of avant-garde, but again, nothing too similar.

What goals do you have for your brand in 2019/the future at large? How about for yourself?

Continued fluidity. I intend on expanding Marcel Everette into other mediums. We have been working on several projects outside of clothing that I look forward to unveiling within the next year.

For me as a person, continued growth.

What does a typical work day look like for you? How about an off-day?

Wake up at 6:15am, shower, read emails, head to the factory. Off-days are spent with friends and family or brainstorming new ideas preparing for the next work day.

What is the influence behind Marcel Everette?

The pieces are inspired by my infatuation with machinery, moving parts and the idea of creating fully functional garments that represent humanity’s relationship with industrial creations. We use precious minerals, metal infused fabrics, and various materials to establish a presence of substance and longevity while experimenting with new methods of construction. 

Favorite place to eat in LA?

The Exchange Restaurant.

How about NYC? Any places in NYC you must hit when you’re here?

I always visit the Grailed office when I’m in town. Other than that I don’t really have an agenda for New York. I attempt to visit a museum or two and visit a new fabric/leather vendor but for the most part I play my trips by ear.

Favorite retail shops or e-comm sites?

Grailed, Darklands Berlin, Cassina.

Are there any remarkable things that have happened to you that wouldn’t have happened had your brand not existed? Or, alternatively, have you been awarded any special opportunities since starting your brand?

Feedback either positive or negative is important for personal growth. I have had the privilege to receive a lot of the former which I truly appreciate. Marcel Everette has also provided me with artistic freedom and the gift of financial independence doing something that I enjoy.

What are some of your favorite brands?

Carol Christian Poell for presence and authenticity, Visvim for quality, Cassina (Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand) and Knoll (Marcel Breuer, Charles Pollock, Mies Van Der Rohe) for innovation and attention to detail, and Rick Owens for consistency.

What are your current favorite pieces in your closet?

Marcel Everette Utility Suspension Vest (pictured in look 2).

How long have you been using Grailed? What’s your ultimate grail?

Since late 2014.

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