Hypebeasts definitely have skills. They know how to pull off a fit. For the most part, they understand aesthetics and their Instagrams can be pretty poppin'. If they’re smart, they likely have an alternate source of income other than just reselling on Grailed. These are fairly desirable traits, so long as they aren’t still living at their momma’s house because they’re paying for a storage unit to house their Supreme punching bag, Supreme crowbar and a stack of Supreme bricks after being sternly informed they were taking up too much space in the garage.

The jury is still out on whether or not any of you hypebeasts have ever taken someone on a first date or not, but nonetheless, I do know a few people who are hopelessly into a swaggy young man draped up and dripped out in ‘Preme. As the saying goes, one person’s fuccboi is another’s prince charming.

That said, we want to see you do a whole lot better in the dating department than, say, you do with each and every Yeezy drop. You’re on your own for actually getting their number and agreeing to let you take them out, but here a few surefire tips to make sure you don't absolutely brick this once in a lifetime opportunity to stop being completely and utterly baeless.

Lead image via Hypebeast.

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