Band of Outsiders has always been synonymous with cool. Garnering celebrity endorsements from Aziz Ansari, Frank Ocean and Anna Wintour, the brand’s name may seem ironic at first. Nonetheless, even while supported by major insiders in fashion, music and film, Band of Outsiders always felt like an “outsider” in the fashion industry. After being launched by Scott Sternberg in 2004, the brand targeted a niche market where fashion design, film school and “Wes Andersonian charm” would intersect. Despite the small market, Band of Outsiders grew steadily, developing a larger range or products. However, due to a slew of circumstances, Band of Outsiders was forced to close in 2015—a fate sealed once Scott Sternberg, the engineer behind the brand, left Band of Outsiders behind. While the brand has certainly retained some of its original charm, its not one, but two reboots have left audiences wondering if the brand is really still Band—or just a modern-day fashion runway outsider looking in.

One cannot understand Band of Outsiders without understanding Scott Sternberg. Born in Dayton Ohio in the mid-’70s, Sternberg received his BA in economics at Washington University in Saint Louis. After graduating in 1997, he left “The Gateway to the West” and moved to Los Angeles as a film production assistant at Creative Artists Agency. After 2 years at the firm, Sternberg became a marketing agent in the film-production division, where he worked for four years.

In 2003, Sternberg left the production industry on the belief that—with a clear, strong vision in his head—he could create something of his own. He joined a new company led by J. Crew founder—Emily Woods—and two others. There he worked with young designers to help them market and distill their ideas. Working with these young designers was Sternberg’s first key step to joining the fashion industry.

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