In stark opposition to fast fashion and mass production, there are designers who chose to combat these practices through an artisanal and analogue design approach—Carol Christian Poell and Maurizio Altier are two prime examples. These designers continuously challenge the landscape of mainstream fashion, adamantly refusing to conform to the normative behavior of their industry. Straddling the line between mainstream consumerism and monastic artistry is Ryo Kashiwazaki. The leather obsessive behind cult label Hender Scheme, Kashiwazaki aims to obscure the borders of classic footwear through a playful commentary on both mass-market success and artisanal production.

Hender Scheme presents modern designs created through traditional craftsmanship and devoid of any branding. Each item is stripped-down to it most elementary form. As the eponymous footwear line has grown, Hender Scheme has expanded its offering with pencil cases, hats, and various other mundane items. While this may all seem ostensibly run of the mill, what separates Hender Scheme from competitors is its near ubiquitous use of rarified vegetable-tanned leather. Although each offering may appear to resemble a mass-market counterpart, the luxe materials and hand-construction provide a unique distinction, blurring the line between everyday goods and hand-crafted masterpiece While most well-known know for its’ “Hommage Collection”—classic sneakers like Air Force 1s or Vans Authentics reproduced in vegetable-tanned leather—Hender Scheme’s additional products and unique brand philosphy are often overlooked.

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