Holiday shopping is stressful. What's worse is the deluge of gift guides, articles attempting to justify the perfect gift for your mom, cousin or whomever else. We understand it's frustrating. That's why each holiday season, we here at Dry Clean Only try and approach things a bit differently.

Rather than a simple breakdown of what to buy who, we speak to our diverse team of dedicated co-workers, many of which may or may not be struggling with their own shopping addiction, (who's to say!) to see their personal approach to the holiday season. What are they searching for? What's—in their eyes—the must buy item this season? What should you avoid at all costs? At the end of the day, we all know the best presents are the ones you buy yourself, so maybe by seeing just how much time each of us spends on Grailed, you might just be inspired.

That said, we know Grailed's community stretches far beyond the walls of our HQ, so please let us know down below what you're searching for on the site this holiday season.

Happy Hunting!

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