We get it. With the holidays upon us, it's nearly impossible to avoid the deluge of gift guides that surface to shoppers day in and day out. Even though the intentions might be good, the content often comes across as detached and removed from the lives, interests and realities of those it's attempting to impress.

Unlike other blogs and stores, Dry Clean Only (and Grailed as a whole, for that matter) prides itself on being connected to its community. Unlike many around us—we don't simply monitor our site; our team buys from, sells to, reads and interacts with our multi-layered community every single day.

In an effort to bring a personal touch to the season's flood of holiday gifting advice, we asked a few of our staffers to shine a light on what they're looking at this holiday season. With opinions and aesthetic tastes as diverse as those that shape our community, we hope that putting the personality behind the picks will help each garment resonate with real, human perspective. If you're in the hunt for a gift for your most fashion-conscious friend—or, better yet, yourself—we hope that getting to know what's on our wish lists helps you find and secure the missing piece for your or your loved ones'.

We know Grailed's community stretches far beyond the walls of our HQ, so please let us know down below what you're searching for on the site this holiday season.

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