With 2017 practically in the books, we here at Grailed have taken a look back at the year that was, spotlighting the 30 biggest and most relevant brands on our platform. In an effort to help sellers find out what’s moving, while spotlighting the most in-demand brands for our buyers, we hope these insights will help all of our users learn more about how others buy and sell on Grailed.

The chart above outlines how each brand has moved throughout the last four quarters. Below the chart, you’ll find the most popular item from each quarter for every single brand moving from left to right (the item furthest left represents that respective brand’s most popular item in Quarter 1, moving in order to the right, with the final item representing the most popular item in Quarter 4).

As you interact with the graph, take note of some key thought points:

-Supreme ruled the roost and maintained its spot as the most popular brand on Grailed. This effect undoubtedly translated into success for Louis Vuitton, who saw explosive growth on the platform in Q3—thanks to its super-hyped collaboration with Supreme hitting stores in mid-July.

-Comme des Garçons (and by extention, designer Rei Kawakubo) had a presence that pushed well into Q2; certainly buoyed by attention from being, not just the theme to the 2017 Met Gala, but the focus of an immersive archival exhibition.

-Negative notoriety wasn’t necessarily a brand killer; While A$AP Bari, the designer behind VLONE, was stuck in a scandal early in Q3 (with popularity on the platform dipping slowly thereafter), a Hypebeast report chronicling Anti Social Social Club’s anecdotal shipping issues didn’t damage the label’s standing at all.

-The “Kanye Effect” is still clearly real, but we might need to start discussing the “Virgil Effect” as well. While adidas held the top spot in the realm of sneakers, and Kanye West-affiliated garments rounded out our end-of-the-year “top five” in terms of popularity, it’s impossible to ignore the rise of both Off-White and Nike. With “The Ten” building hype with teases and celebrity sightings all the way up to its inevitable drop in Q4, Nike’s star continued to rise right alongside that of Abloh’s own Off-White.

-Even without “The Ten”, Nike celebrated plenty of milestones this year. With three major anniversaries—the 20th anniversary of the Air Max 97, the 30th birthday of the Air Max 1 and the 35th anniversary of the Air Force 1—each silhouette had a slew of high-quality, well-hyped drops that made the Swoosh a force to be reckoned with as we enter 2018.

Of course these aren’t the only insights to be gleaned, so feel free to dive deep and discuss as you discover how your favorite brands performed in the past year. As we strive to continue to bring you the best and brightest in the world of menswear, streetwear and sneakers, we hope that you’ll enjoy looking back on 2017’s movers and shakers.

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