Hey guys, in the continued interest of being your one stop shop for all things men's clothing, we're pleased to announce our first ever giveaway. Since the beginning, we've always believed that great style should have nothing to do with price. In the interest of helping everyone out there cop their grail, we're going to be giving three random users $500 towards the Grailed item of their choosing. Entering the giveaway is simple:

(1) Post a picture of your ultimate grail item to your Instagram feed. It doesn't necessarily have to be currently listed on Grailed, just something you've been lusting after since forever.

(2) Mention @grailed in the caption.

(3) Hashtag the brand/designer and #foundongrailed.

You have until Thursday, January 26 at noon EST to enter. Feel free to submit as many unique entries as you'd like. Multiple postings of the same item will not increase your chances of winning. Winners will be announced here and contacted directly. Remember, with great jawnz comes great responsibility. Good luck!

Winners have been announced! Please check out the @grailed IG page here for info.

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