After four years of bringing techwear to the masses, it appears that the Errolson Hugh era of Nike ACG is coming to an end.

Tuesday morning, the designer began retweeting the news from DJ Teki Latex who explained that Nike has decided to shift the line from Hugh’s techwear into “retro ACG sportswear stuff.” While that certainly gels with what Nike ACG delivered for the Spring/Summer 2018 season, Hugh himself responded to the tweets, responding to Teki Latex’s tweets with a single setence: “One more season left (HO’18)”.

In 2014, Errolson Hugh—perhaps better known as the mastermind behind cult techwear brand Acronym—was chosen to resurrect Nike’s dormant ACG line as Nikelab ACG. It was a 180 degree turn for the 25 year old subdivision, shifting its focus from vibrant sportswear for the great outdoors to transitional technical gear for city life. In its short run, the collaboration was successful in bringing Hugh’s designs to those previously without Acronym access (his ACG apparel was produced in much larger quantities and retailed for a fraction of the price of Acronym) while simultaneously delivering Nike covetable apparel and sneakers that sold out instantly.

As Hugh stated, the final Nikelab ACG collection will be released for the Holiday 2018 season. While his apparel collection at ACG is wrapping up, it is unknown if Hugh will continue to collaborate with Nike on future sneaker releases. Stay tuned to Dry Clean Only for more information.

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