Nicolas Windig Refn’s 2011 film Drive plays like the cinematic version of a chillwave remix of an ‘80s synth-pop song. Every aspect of the film deconstructs tropes and cliches of ‘80s schlock, reckons with them and imbues them with an aura of meditative artistry. This is true of the neon pink titles, the ambient soundtrack, the souped up vintage cars and the familiar mafia stereotypes. For our purposes, of course, we are interested in the clothes.

Ryan Gosling’s getaway driver look is full-on vintage, down to his souvenir jacket and driving gloves. But rather than the garish color palette we might expect from an actual ‘70s or ‘80s speedster, the look of Gosling’s “Driver” offers an updated, chic take on the idea of mob-connected speed racer.

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