While people tend to associate a brand with its head designer or seasonal staples, the influence of the photographer is often overlooked. Through crafting ad campaigns and shooting lookbooks, fashion photographers play a pivotal role in defining a brand’s public image and signature aesthetic. This notion is even more prevalent in high-fashion, considering how the majority of the population will never have access to the garments themselves. In that sense, the most memorable ad campaigns are more powerful than any runway show ever could be. Considering the premium price point and exclusivity associated with the brand, the public’s perception is almost wholly linked to the ad campaigns—often the only facet they have access to. While there are many successful fashion photographers, a few have risen to the forefront, becoming irrevocably associated with specific brands, and defining their now-trademark styles in the process. Below, we break down some of the most notable partnerships and explore how they began, their key moments and impact on fashion.

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