You may not know it yet, but Cease & Desist is the modern streetwear brand that needs to be on your radar. Founded by Fred Saint Foster, the self-taught designer has earned accolades and celebrity fans that range from Future to Beyoncé.

While the brand’s roots go back as far as 2013, Cease & Desist was formally founded in 2014. Initial success was rooted in support from some of the worlds biggest artists; Foster has a history in creating custom pieces for big name clients, and Future was an early fan. “The first person I made a custom piece before I went to production, I made it for Future,” Foster explained to XXL. “I made a custom piece for him and he wore it, I think in the "Love Me" video with Drake and Lil Wayne. I think that was the first person to wear it.” The relationship between Foster and Future would evolve into bigger projects after that initial interaction, with Foster ultimately designing the merch for a number of Future-adjacent pop-ups and events—not to mention the rapper’s “Summer Sixteen” tour and Freebandz music label.

Cease & Desist manages to balance the worlds of streetwear and contemporary luxury, combining cut and sew tailoring with oversized graphic tees, branded caps and even a pair of Italian made sneakers. Taking on the sling bag and chest rig trend, Cease & Desist offers “Cargo Rig” T-shirt and hoodies, featuring (as the name implies) a detachable chest rig that velcros right to the front each item.

Cease & Desist may be under the radar at the moment, but some of the world’s biggest names are proving it’s about to become the next can’t miss brand. See more from Cease & Desist here.

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