Cav Empt is a Japanese brand founded by three key players: Toby Feltwell, Sk8thing and Hishiyama "Hishi" Yutaka. The three had previously worked together on brands such as BAPE, Billion Boys Club and IceCream. Feltwell serves as frontman and concept creator, Sk8thing heads up all graphic design and Hishi handles the production. Each member provides a unique and seasoned skill-set that breathes life into the enigmatic brand. CE’s allure originates from its founders’ shared disregard for popularity and publicity, while the brand's aesthetic and marketing principles lurk on the outskirts of industry traditions, having helped Cav Empt amass a cult following in the process.

The current CE collection for sale today—which we're calling "The 20 Days of Cav Empt"—was assembled in early 2016, stemming from an infatuation with the brand’s general ethos. The obscure references to art, literature, music and futurism complimented by each piece’s sensible construction drew me closer to the brand. I actually acquired my first CE piece on Grailed, a grey over-dyed hoodie from S/S 16. It was that piece that sparked a year-long impetus and, after learning more about Cav Empt, I sought to become a part of the larger CE community.

Now, I want to give back. Since early 2016, I’ve collected rare pieces across every season, including those from the brand’s launch in 2011/2012. With this collection, I'm hoping to provide an opportunity for both new and longtime CE fans and followers to experience the brand on a single platform.

I would like to thank Garmentist, Unownedspace, Cavemptism and Grailed for their collaboration on this project. I extend my love and appreciation to these collaborators, as none of this would have been possible without their time and effort.

Please enjoy the collection below, and remember, in the words of CE itself: “Let the buyer beware.”

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