Heritage is a word with a lot of weight behind it, especially when it comes to fashion. It doesn’t merely refer to blue jeans, but to historically significant designs and fashion ideologies. Countless fashion brands base their ethos on concepts stemming from a select country or style’s heritage. Indeed, British designers frequently draw inspiration from their lengthy domestic fashion pedigree, which includes royal extravagance, rugged workwear, Saville Row tailoring, football hooliganism and punk rebelliousness. Perhaps that’s why the labels emerging from the global capital may vary in aesthetics, but still sip from the same cultural cocktail—embedding a sense of youth, passion and perspective into their respective works. The young British designers making waves in the fashion world today have a lot of heritage to take cues from or subvert as they see fit. This is by no means a comprehensive collection of brands, but it’s indicative of the creativity and necessity of young British fashion.

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