At a time when fashion is dominated by the cult of creative directors, very few have as clear an aesthetic as Hedi Slimane. A man who has legitimately redefined two brands (first Dior Homme and then Saint Laurent), working under his direction has proven to be as commercially impactful as it is aesthetically impactful.

Slimane’s hard-rock, hyper-skinny aesthetic isn’t just super desirable and eternally cool, it’s also fairly easy to recreate, rebuild or rediscover. That’s not say that you can simply buy Slimane’s style on the cheap (a pair of Slimane’s Saint Lauren Wyatt boots; a black-and-white Teddy Jacket; a Blood Luster souvenir jacket; Big Crash denim shredded just so; the iconically simple L01 leather biker—these are things that true fashion fans know can never really be replicated), but there’s no denying Slimane’s impact on the aesthetic direction of more than a few brands across the wider men’s style spectrum. Whether it’s labels loosely recreating Slimane’s Saint Laurent staples from the runway, or brands broadly designing pieces inspired by Slimane’s “Los Angeles-by-way-of-Paris” vibe, there’s an offshoot market that’s managed to continuously tap into Slimane’s design language during his (soon to be finished) fashion hiatus.

In an effort to follow one of modern menswear’s biggest figures while recognizing the brands that have benefitted from Slimane’s own successes, we’re noting some of our favorite pieces from the original label, while showing you where you’ll find similar styles. Slimane may no longer be at Saint Laurent, but that doesn’t mean his (or your) signature style needs to suffer.

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