During winter, a great coat is essential. However, a heavyweight long coat does have its drawbacks. Length inhibits mobility, and the sheer size can overwhelming. For those of you who are uneasy with the prospect of wearing a full duster, do not worry—there are many winter alternatives. First and foremost, layering. Not only do multiple layers ensure you stay toasty, but finding pieces that work harmoniously with one another is fundamental to building a great wardrobe. Of the many layering pieces, the most underrated—and perhaps our favorite—is the vest.

No, we're not talking about a dated tailored separate or your prom cummerbund, but rather a whole genre of sleeveless outerwear designed to be worn over a shell, hoodie, or even long sleeve to create a multi-dimensional look. Tapping into the technological and aesthetic benefits of the techwear and gorpcore movements (trust us, those are real things), the vest has been more stylish than ever. While you may be initially hesitant to spend jacket money on a sleeveless winter garment, when you’re not stuck carrying a mohair overcoat on the subway, you will inevitably thank us. That said, here are the best vests for men in 2019.

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