"Best Selling Sneakers" is a recurring franchise that ranks the 10 most successful sneakers on the Grailed marketplace, ranked by the highest number of gross transactions in a given time period.

No matter how many sneakers come out every year (or, let's be honest, even month), it's hard to top a classic. Nike's Air Force 1, an easy to wear, frankly foundational piece of any wardrobe, has remained firmly rooted in the sneaker discourse since its original release in 1982. Its simple silhouette lends the Air Force 1 to be the perfect canvas for collaborations, but there's no denying that the sneaker's most popular colorway has to be in crisp all-white.

The Air Force 1 isn't the only Nike classic making its way onto the list. Just as iconic as many other kicks in the wider Nike universe, the Jordan I, III and IV all appear on this list. Of course, retro re-releases make the biggest impact, but 2020 colorways (see "Court Purple") make their presence known within the list.

"But what I'm not a Nike fan?," we hear you saying. Fear not. The list is far greater than just an homage to the Swoosh or the Jumpman; observers will be quick to spot Yeezy's and Rick Owens' inclusion on this roster of best-sellers.

Read on to see which sneaker styles sold the most models on Grailed in the month of October 2020.

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